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Are We Done…YET?

I am ready for a vacation.  No, what I want is a staycation.  My hands are itching to weed at the new house. Which would seem crazy to you if you could feel how painful my hands are.  From weeding. And painting.  And cleaning.  And, and, and. And from moving too, I guess.

While it kicks ass to be able to move over a few weeks and not try to cram it all into a single weekend (while simultaneously trying not to kill the friends and family who turned up,  out of the goodness of their hearts to help you break (move?) your stuff), having time means you move endlessly.  Endlessly. Seriously, was I ever not moving??

My bitching aside, there is light at the end of the tunnel that we’ve created out of a mountain of crap we probably don’t need. Tomorrow,  the old house goes on the market, partially painted warts and all.


We’ve pretty much deluded ourselves that we’ll be “done” once the house is listed.  And being a seller’s market, there’s a non-zero chance that we’ll get an offer from someone who tells us they’ll take the house,  as-is. So fingers crossed,  people! Otherwise, we have a month or so of maintaining 3 places (i.e. paying 3 mortgages, mowing 3 yards. ..oy).

Meanwhile, I’ll keep looking forward to being able to focus on the new house.