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Which is More Important; Good Service or Good Food?

Boyfriend and I took a short drive this morning to go out for breakfast. Not finding any seats at the breakfast joint we had meant to try, we ended up at the Sound View Cafe. Ok, yes, we did go to Pike Street Market again! In our defense, we only went down there to buy a housewarming gift for David, from the photography studio we had all visited last week. Unfortunately for us, the studio was closed this weekend, so we ended up eating breakfast and driving back home.

The Sound View Cafe is located on the second floor of the Pike Street Market. When you walk in, you see a salad bar and a cashier, like a take-out deli. The view was fine (not as good as the view from the Athenian), but their menu was fairly limited. We decided to order the View Platter which the menu describes as 3 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, one sausage link, home fries, and toast. I also wanted to order a side of pancakes, but the only pancakes on the menu came loaded with whipped cream and fruit, for $9.95. Sure that they would have an a la carte pancake price, I went to the counter to order. The lady at the counter was a bit snarky and said that the only pancakes I could order were the full pancake entree. I told her that I didn’t want fruit or whipped cream and she said that was fine- they could omit the fruit and whipped cream, but the dish would still cost $9.95. Seriously? I asked her to check on it, and she went into the back to ask someone if I could order a side of hotcakes. The answer she came back with was yes, but I could only have 2 pancakes, for $6. I decided to skip the pancakes and order a side of toast instead. The wait was fairly long (~15 minutes) considering that there were open tables in this 35 table restaurant. When our meal finally came, they had forgotten the bacon and given us two sausage links instead.

We had lots of time to check out the view while we waited, and waited, for our food.

The Athenian sits higher up in the market, so the view is less obstructed than the view from the Sound View Cafe.

Our food finally arrived. Anyone see the bacon? Yeah, we didn’t either. Oh, and we had to butter our own bread- the kitchen sent it out dry.

We didn’t catch the mistake until after we had eaten, so we just shrugged and chalked it up to a bad restaurant experience. The food itself was very good; the eggs (three of the SMALLEST eggs I’ve ever seen) were soft scrambled and not over cooked at all, the potatoes were brown on the outside and fully cooked all the way through, and the bread that they use for toast is delicious. But, even with the surprisingly good food and a decent view, the prices, lack of attention to a standard order, and poor customer service will keep us from returning.

Sound View Cafe on Urbanspoon

On our walk back to the car, we passed the Bavarian Meats shop and ducked in, to see what they had available. The shop is bright and clean and their meat case had an amazing array of items displayed. I’m intrigued- we might need to experiment with cooking some German food soon!

I think that Boyfriend’s German background must explain his love of sausage!

We drove home to watch the DVR recording of the Seahawks play the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Oh baby, oh baby, it was another close game! The Hawks trailed the Bears for the majority of the game, but we got a touchdown that put us 3 points ahead with 24 seconds on the clock. The Bears managed to complete a 56 yard pass that put them in field goal range and tied the game. The Seahawks won the Overtime toss and received the ball first. They then proceeded to slowly grind their way up the field. You could really tell that the much older Bear’s defense was gassed- they just didn’t have the legs to keep up with our much younger Seahawks. Sidney Rice caught a pass and made it to the end zone  bringing the score to 23-17 in favor of the Hawks! This was only our second road win this year. But, three of our last four games are at home, so if the Seahawks can maintain their undefeated at-home status, we have a pretty good shot at getting into the playoffs!

For dinner, I wanted something quick, so we ended up making a couscous-based dish with chicken, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and baby kale. The view may not have been great, but the service, I assure you, is excellent. The grub usually turns out delicious too. *smile*

Whole Wheat Couscous with Turmeric-Marinated Chicken, Broccoli, and Baby Kale

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