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How am I This Hung Over?? How am I Hung Over at All?

I had a total of three drinks yesterday, spaced over the course of 6 hours. Before dinner at Sahalee, I had a Manhattan.  With dinner, I had a glass of the 2007 Novelty Hill Cabernet Sauvignon. And later, at Shayla’s going away party, I drank a beer. A single beer. My hangover today was wicked considering I only had three drinks. Boyfriend had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, and a couple of beers at the party, and also ended up feeling terrible.

We had made plans with Liz to go snowshoeing, but luckily for us, she cancelled at 4 am after being up ill all night. Liz doesn’t drink much, if at all, so I’m confident she was not calling on the front edge of a hangover.

Boyfriend and I decided to give ourselves an easy day and run a few errands. To reward ourselves for doing anything other than sit on the couch and moan all day, we decided to go to Dick’s Drive-In after completing our errands.

Dick’s is a Seattle area institution and has been around since 1954. The menu at Dick’s is simple, offering 4 choices for burgers and one size of French fries. None of their 6 restaurants has indoor seating except for the Queen Anne location, but you always find a line outside their burger stand from 10:30 am- 2:00 am, 7 days a week!

The Lake City Dick’s Location.

Always worth the wait!

The fries at Dick’s are hand-cut daily.

The delicious Dick’s Deluxe Burger.

Dick's Drive-in (Lake City) on UrbanspoonI’m a big fan of the Dick’s organization. For one thing, they serve fresh food, fast. They pride themselves on not serving any previously-frozen items. For another, I like their prices (Dick’s Deluxe $2.70, Fries $1.50) and the fact that they really don’t change them.  I like that Dick’s is a family-owned company. I really like that the organization pays well above minimum wage, and that they offer 100% paid health insurance to every employee who works 24+ hours a week. I like that they offer scholarships and childcare assistance to their employees. Who else does that?

Boyfriend and I got it together enough to attend the skydiver’s Christmas party, but understandably, neither us wanted more that a glass of wine! The pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I brought were well received, and we walked out with a fun white elephant gift, The Cosmo Kama Sutra: 77 Mind-Blowing Sex Positions [Paperback].

Our delightful hostess.


Jesse, one of our skydiving friends.


Aww, so cute! Boyfriend and another skydiving friend, Charlotte.

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