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Hiking Green

On December 6, 2012, marijuana use became legal in Washington State for adults, 21 and older per Initiative 502. Boyfriend and I are not regular consumers of marijuana, but when a friend offered us a “green” cookie, we accepted it.  The cookie sat, unconsumed, on the kitchen island for a couple of weeks. Until today.

We decided to hike Mount Si today. I’ve been up that hill a couple of times now, and I’ve found it to be a fairly dull trail. The trail winds its unending way through a lot of tall trees that, while beautiful, become monotonous. There really aren’t any views until you summit the mountain, and the trail is not technically difficult to negotiate.  To be prudent, we decided to leave Taro at home since neither of us wanted to experience the trail (or the trail while under the influence of a green cookie) and be responsible for the dog’s behavior.

We each ate a quarter of the cookie prior to getting geared up and headed up the hill. I am very sensitive to THC, so I noticed the effects of the cookie a good half hour before Boyfriend did.  Hiking while stoned is interesting.  I found that the cookie gave me a pretty nice body high; it transformed the effort of climbing into a rhythm that felt good. I found myself more able to stay in the moment and didn’t spend the majority of the hike thinking (obsessing?) about the things in my life that I can’t control. Right about the 3 mile mark, we began to run into snow. We pulled our micro-spikes on and continued up, moving off of the trail for everyone skating down the steep hills without traction on their boots.

To our surprise, we actually had the weather break when we got to the top.  Every time I get to the top of Mount Si, I’m amazed at how many people think that the first clear area near the top is the false summit. Granted, this time, there was snow so the trail to the true false summit was a little more difficult to see, but still…really? Have these hikers no adventure in their souls? My first time up Mount Si was in January a couple of years ago. Blessed with dry weather, I actually scrambled all the way up Haystack Peak. With 18 inches of snow at the false summit, there was no way Boyfriend and I were going to attempt a scramble, but we at least hiked up to the false summit at the base of Haystack and sat down on one of the benches to appreciate the view. Neither of us were feeling our cookie by that time, so we enjoyed our granola bars, changed into dry shirts, and then headed back down.

I love my micro-spikes. The peace of mind I get while wearing them has more than paid for the initial cost, many times over. We saw a LOT of people with micro-spikes today so the word has definitely gotten out.  I’ve got to say, hiking under the influence is a pretty fun way to conquer a dull hill.  It was nice too to see Boyfriend smiling during the climb, and not wearing the grim face he usually sports while tackling elevation.  I certainly wouldn’t indulge before attempting a trail that I did not know- safety is always more important to me than amusement. But would I imbibe again on a trail that I’m familiar with and not worried about personal safety? You bet.

Scott's Dairy Freeze on UrbanspoonAfter the hike, we stopped in at Scott’s Dairy Freeze in North Bend. I’d never been here before, but Boyfriend said that it has long been a favorite family stop.  The restaurant is  tiny, with the typical drive-in menu of burgers, fries, shakes, and malts. We ordered corn dogs (one for me, two for Boyfriend), fries, and a shake for Boyfriend. I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were- our entire bill came to around $12. The food we ordered was good; next time I’ll try one of their sandwiches. As much as I like having a treat after hiking, I’m not totally convinced it is a good thing to have a drive-in on standby for hikes along the I-90 corridor!  Still, if we’re going to indulge in fast food after a hike, I’d rather support a local small business than a large fast-food chain. And I’ve read that the blueberry shakes at Scott’s Dairy Freeze are divine, with or without pot on board *smile*.

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